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Dog Walking


If you are unable to take your dog for their much loved walks then Personal Pet Care can help. I will collect your favourite furry friend from their home and take them to their favourite walking place or a new exciting environment. I will always prefer to take them to an enclosed field, park or woods so they can really stretch their little legs. After their fun adventures, I will take them back to their home and make sure their water is topped up and they are settled before I leave them for their well-deserved nap.

Your dog will need to stay on a long extendible lead until I am confident that your dog and I are great friends and they will listen to every call. For insurance purposes, I will also require your permission to walk your dog is off lead during our walks.

Included in the price of the walk is a pet taxi service to a park or woods if it is not walkable. Dog walks usually last for one hour but please contact me if you would like to request a different duration (e.g. an hour and half walk).

If you wanted to save some money for their extra special treats, why not book two doggy pals to be walked at the same time or receive one extra walk free when you book ten walks!