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Pet Sitting


Personal Pet Care will look after your pet whilst you are away in your own home where they feel safe and loved.

Top five reasons to choose Personal Pet Care for pet sitting

1. Your furry or even scaly friend can stay in their own home surrounded by their favourite bed, food and toys. Moving an animal can cause them a lot of stress as well as missing their beloved owners, so pet sitting at home will keep them as relaxed as possible.
2. I will visit your pet once or twice a day providing them with human attention that they will crave whilst you are away. This will also reduce stress levels for your pet, especially for dogs.
3. Pet sitting is ideal for if your cherished pet doesn’t get along with other animals or has had a bad experience with kennels or cattery.
4. Whilst visiting your pet, I can also care for your house and plants. Regular visits will give added security for your home while you are away.
5. Personal Pet Care will give you and your family peace of mind on holiday knowing that your furry or scaly friend is safe and cared for in their own home.